In 2008, Sujal founded Ananya Consultants. in order to serve the training, consultation and assessment needs of his clients, specializing in ISO 9001 implementation.
Sujal Amin, A Management System expert specializing in manufacturing process improvements. Sujal has over 10 years of experience serving manufacturing and Service organizations in their pursuit of excellence.
A results-oriented leader with background in Operations & Engineering.
He is experienced in product and process design / validation / implementation / improvement, cost reduction, and meeting deadlines consistently.
He is skilled in leaders hip management systems implementation & maintenance, problem solving techniques and effective communication. Values teamwork and builds productive working relationships providing proper response to customers' needs.
Sujal is TUV certified Q MS lead auditor and has successfully led management systems towards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 18001/ 45001, NABH Accreditations and CE Marking.

Ananya Consultants Approach


Ananya Consultants process improvement efforts focus on reducing costs, reducing waste and rework, reducing cycle times, reducing defects, increasing accuracy and on-time delivery, and above all increasing profitability. In order for us to provide you with our best guidance, we typically prefer to begin by conducting a detailed assessment of your business through an assessment. We'll then ensure complete alignment of your leadership team on the critical few items for which we can potentially provide some assistance. The next phase in our approach involves our consultants helping to design and implement solutions. We'll also set up key measures to ensure that results can be monitored. Finally, we'll ensure that your gains are sustainable by implementing controls that are appropriate for your organization. Our customized implementation strategy combined with an emphasis on rapidly achieving significant, measurable results culminates with self-sufficiency. We guide and motivate your employees to become involved in the improvement effort.


To be a resource provider of choice for businesses in area of quality processes and certifications through genuine and appropriate methodologies.

To help clients understand the genuine methods of quality processes & certifications. To assist businesses in implementing required processes through trainings, coaching and consulting. To evangelise genuine quality processes through conferences, group meetings and direct mailers etc. To continue assisting the clients post certifications to manage, support them as and when required. To strategically tie up with appropriated companies and provide comprehensive services to the businesses as may these be required by them.

Ananya Consultants Vision and Mission

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